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"If ever there is a tomorrow when we’re not together…there is something you must always remember, You are braver than you think, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart…I’ll always be with you.”
Winnie the Pooh

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Spiritual Readings

The purpose of a spiritual reading is to offer you healing, inspiration, peace, insight and guidance, on a soul level, as you are participating in the physical plane of the earth. A spiritual reading is an opportunity for you to get clarity of intention and purpose, to become more aware of the obstacles of peace, to better understand your role in serving others, to heighten your consciousness, to heal and to promote the continuity of life.   As a soul you are here with the main purpose to heal and serve by perpetuating the essence of who you are: Divine Love.

Medium Geof offers several types of readings as listed below. Please click on the type of reading to find out more about the services provided.

•  In-Person Mediumship Reading

•  Telephone Mediumship Reading

•  Gallery Reading (for a family or a gathering of friends)

•  Life Reading (to learn more about your soul's history, healing and soul mates

•  Soul Progression Reading

•  Chakra Balancing Reading (healing energy reading)


Your spiritual reading allows you to become more aware of yourself at the greatest depths of your being and it allows you to rediscover the many dimensions of your soul. Feel the connection of your eternal soul to all other souls and the infinite wisdom and love you possess. 

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Spirit communication is for the purpose of sharing love.  Expect tremendous healing from the messages that you will receive.  Many times relationships (especially the relationship you have with yourself!) are better understood and mended through effective communication with Guides. You may have a clearer understanding and a greater sense of peace when hearing from your loved ones and/or your Spirit Guides.  Many times Spirits communicate to release us from our fears of guilt, shame, worry, loneliness and hate. Spirits are very good at sharing what is in their hearts and the universal wisdom that we are all one and connected and it is impossible to be separated from one another.   Spirit may also help give some suggestions about your current life situations and encourage you to forgive, serve and strengthen your love of self.

Spirit communication is NOT about telling you how to live your life, because that is your soul’s journey.  Spirits do not make decisions for you and tell you the results of many of your life challenges.  Do not expect for Spirit to control the outcomes of your life and to make things happen for you. Your free will is your greatest gift to create the circumstances of your life.

All souls have the gift of free will and thus a Spirit cannot be willed into showing up for a reading.  You can expect and ask for certain relatives and friends in Spirit to show up for the reading but Spirits have journeys of their own.  If a specific loved one does not show up for a reading it does not mean that they are not present.  Mediums all have different energies and may not connect with a specific Spirit too.

Many times Spirits will communicate specific, but subtle details of evidence that only you the sitter will know.  It might be a date, a flower, a movie, a household item but somehow they will provide specific evidence so that you believe they are present. Once a connection is made, a message will be presented to you or someone you know. Accept the message with love and do not be frustrated if the message does not have an immediate meaning to you. Many times, a sitter must record information from the sessions and process the information or speak to others to develop the true meaning of the message. Remember to thank your friends and relatives in Spirit that provide you with love and kindness during a reading.

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A medium is an individual who can hear, see and/or feel the subtle, loving, compassionate vibration of Spirit and provide messages to you, the sitter.  It is my greatest privilege to serve as an intermediary between the physical and spiritual planes and share with you the inspirational, healing, intelligent and compassionate messages from those who tenderly guide you from the World of Spirit.

A Spirit Guide refers to an entity from the higher vibration plane of Spirit that guides, encourages, heals, inspires, teaches and helps you on your life journey while you are in the physical plane.  Your Spirit Guides support you as you temporarily visit the physical plane for the evolution of your soul and to heal and perpetuate love through the relationships and emotions you live share.

Your Spirit Guides are usually family members and loved ones that have crossed-over to the World of Spirit.  Just as your family has physical genes that affect your physical characteristics, you also have spiritual genes that contribute to your spiritual nature.  Emotions are intense within families because spiritually you are growing and developing through similar soul purposes and lessons.  This gives your loved ones in Spirit an advantage to assist you with your healing and service as you experience the earth plane. You also tend to have numerous experiences with specific loved ones from lifetime to lifetime to grow and develop together as soul mates.

Spirit Guides are also usually higher evolved spiritual entities that possess great wisdom, compassion and love.  Many times they appear from a certain culture like Greek, Egyptian, Native American or Roman. Angels, saints, and famous historic figures may be members of your spiritual team. Spirit Guides can go by many names. Often they connect with more than one people at a time, using identities that are comfortable to those they communicate with.

The number of Spirit Guides one has various within that person's experiences. Most people have at numerous Guides and each Guide may have a certain expertise in a certain areas of your life like relationships, soul development, higher learning, healing, spiritual development, creativity, skills, talents and emotions.  Your Spirit Guides can change throughout your physical life experiences as you encounter new challenges and healing opportunities.

The type of mediumship you will experience during your reading is referred to as mental mediumship. Mental mediumship means that Geof will hear, see and feel your Spirit Guides within his mind and without using his five physical senses. At first, you will be provided evidential information from your Guides to prove their identity and then your Guides will provide inspirational information to guide, heal and inspire you.

As a medium Geof will use three main methods of obtaining the information from your Spirit Guides. Clairvoyance, or clear seeing, is a means in which your Guides will show him specific images that have literal and symbolic meanings.  It is important to be alert to the symbols and images presented to you during your reading. Although their meaning might not be immediately apparent, in time the meaning of your messages will be revealed to you. Clairaudience, or clear hearing is the ability for Geof to receive psychic impressions of sounds, music and voices that are not audible to his normal hearing. The third method of communication is referred to as Clairsentience, or clear feeling or sensing. Smells, tastes, touch and gut feelings are the most common way for Geof to perceive psychic information.

As a medium, Geof would like to provide you the service options that will best offer you the most wisdom and healing and assist you with your purpose of a spiritual reading. The first option is a mediumship reading with the purpose of connecting with your loved ones and Spirit Guides to that you can know that they are eternally connected to you, to answer questions about who your Guides are and general life questions related to relationships, careers and occurrences that you are experiencing in the physical world.

A life reading is for the purpose of providing clarity about your soul’s purpose in this lifetime and past life experiences of your soul anPasted Graphic 2d how they relate to this lifetime.  Your soul exists within the eternal mind field of God Source or what is referred to as ‘universal mind’. For a life reading you will email Geof two to three questions about major life issues you are encountering. You might want to ask questions about your physical, emotional or spiritual health and/or wellbeing, relationships, careers or other issues relative to your current life. During the process of self-hypnosis Geof will elevate his consciousness to connect to universal wisdom and/or Spirit Guides to provide insight into the areas you are concerned about.  As evident through the many readings of Edgar Cayce, Geof may access information about your soul from “The Book of Life”, also known as the “Akashic Records”. Through a process of self-hypnosis Geof will obtain information about your life relating to your questions. Issues related to karma and or past life experiences may be shared with you through a written document of the self-hypnosis procedure. You may then follow up with one final question form the life reading transcript.

 As a medium, I have been blessed to experience the inspirational and peaceful World of Spirit --- it is only a graceful and delicate vibration away!  It is a fantastic and insightful point of view of your eternal and universal existence.  We are all mediums and we are all capable of communicating with our Spirit Guides --it is just a matter of listening carefully, feeling their presence and seeing the endless signs that are presented to us. The energy from the World of Spirit is very subtle, so it takes focused concentration and stillness to be open and to allow the feelings, words, images or messages to come through.  Spirit speaks in quiet and soft whispers, with great wisdom and compassion, so listen, watch and feel their loving kindness.

When you choose a medium, remember to use your intuition to connect with a medium that feels right to you. Do not give your own personal power away and expect a medium (or your Spirit Guides) to tell you what to do or how to do it with any aspect of your life. You have the eternal gift of life and with that comes free will. Allow a reading to provide you with insight and loving wisdom so that you can determine the right decisions to make for yourself. 

It would be Geof’s pleasure to read for you and introduce you to the most incredible, inspiring and healing wisdom provided from your Guides and or “The Book of Life”. Geof always enjoys meeting new people and communicating with their Spirit Guides.

Spiritual Readings

Geof shares inspiring and healing messages from your spirit guides and departed loved ones with a telephone or in-person reading. Gallery readings are also available.

Spiritual Education

Geof provides an interactive learning environment allowing you to apply the principles and practices of intuition, meditation, mediumship and healing.

Spiritual Resources

Geof provides newsletters, books and websites to enhance and develop your knowledge of intuition, mediumship, meditation and healing.

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